Jane and Jenny stretch with the ropes.  The ropes are used as your friends, to help you balance while building strength and flexibility.


The Rope Yoga Collective consists of Anthony Nitsos, Jane Allen, Jenny Koppera, and Kevin Bowker, all of whom are certified RussaYog.com instructors.   

You can contact us at TheRopeYogaCollective@gmail.com

Jane's phone number: 734.395.0336

Teacher Bios

Anthony Nitsos is a finance and accounting guru by day and has taught and practiced rope yoga in the evenings and weekends since 2009. In addition to yoga, Anthony has studied kung-fu in the Long-fist style and has taught full force self-defense classes at various times in his life. He now prefers the peaceful and mindful path that yoga has opened up and helped to found The Rope Yoga Collective to keep the rope style alive in Ann Arbor.

Jane Allen walked into her first RussaYog class in 2008, out of shape and with very inflexible, unable to even touch her toes.  She completed the teacher training in 2009 and has taught regularly since then.  Jane is thrilled to continue her practice of RussaYog with The Rope Yoga Collective.  These classes and the wonderful yogis that faithfully attend  have truly enriched her life beyond her wildest dreams. 

Kevin Bowker currently works as the manager of the larder at the Standard Bistro and Larder. He stops by most Wednesdays at noon to guide us through some yoga, a great thing for all.

Jenny Koppera works with Spinning Dot Theatre, teaches various college classes, cares for her two children, and somehow manages to help us out, usually on Fridays.